Hiding prices in PrintCentre

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For some business-to-business webshops, it may not be necessary, or desirable, for the end-user to see pricing in the webshop. For these cases, XMF PrintCentre allows the site administrator to remove pricing from the shop altogether, whilst keeping it visible to selected users.

When set to hidden, users do not see prices for products, during the checkout process, in their order history or on email confirmations. For those who wish to interact with pricing (normally administrators or buyers at the printer and corporate customer) it can be enabled based on login.

Order approval in PrintCentre

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Introducing an order approval step allows brand owners, such as central marketing departments, to allow their users the flexibility to customise their own artwork (normally using templates), whilst remaining in control of what is produced.

XMF PrintCentre provides approvers with every detail of the order, including the customised artwork, all viewable in the browser.

Editing a brochure in PrintCentre

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In a typical b2b case, head office has issued artwork for a company brochure, but to improve it's impact, the brochure will be personalised for each store that distributes it. In PrintCentre any number of versions can be created in one go, by simply filling in some fields, choosing some images from a pre-defined gallery, and checking the results live in the web browser.

Next time: see how someone from head office can check and approve the printing job before it reaches the printer for production

Uploading a poster in PrintCentre

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Designed for offering conventional, digital and large-format printing, PrintCentre allows customers to cut through the complexity of specifying, uploading and approving a print job in a single step.

Dynamic pricing allows customers to play with formats and options and see the effect on cost in real time. A file PDF can be uploaded at any stage of the process, and the options remain flexible. Once uploaded, the PDF is checked and if necessary, meaningful feedback is given to the customer to either upload something else, or continue as they are, with no unexpected surprises.

Setting product pricing in PrintCentre

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This quick primer on product pricing shows how to set the price of a product from the simplest example, to discounting by quantity, and finally to progressive pricing.

Next time: assigning prices to product options.

Customizing a webshop in PrintCentre

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Detailed enough to create highly customized portals, yet fast enough to create a site for a one-off customer pitch, the tools in PrintCentre's BackOffice for changing the look of a webshop can be quickly mastered without a background in web design.

Ordering a tshirt in PrintCentre

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XMF PrintCentre is designed from the ground up to support both B2C and B2B models, with the ease-of-use necessary for B2C combined with the fine-grained control needed for B2B.

This demo shows a B2C use-case of selling tshirts that can be designed from scratch. The user is able to upload and place images, add text and clipart, and modify everything live in the browser.

Uploading a multipage PDF in PrintCentre

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Specifying a printing job, getting a price, sending a PDF and making sure everything is right can be a challenge. In XMF PrintCentre, we've reduced the process to a single screen, and the fewest number of steps possible in order to make sure that the customer gets what they expect.

Prices are calculated dynamically based on the options the customer chooses, even before they've uploaded anything. Once the upload is complete, a preview is instantly available, and if there are any problems, easy-to-understand messages are displayed. Our goal is simple; don't require the customer to be a professional print-buyer, and make sure that the job prints as expected.

Ordering a calendar in PrintCentre

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In an example suitable for both b2b and b2c models, a calendar is created when content provided by the user is combined with a template. PrintCentre guides the user in editing the calendar visually in the WYSIWYG editor in a few easy steps, whilst preserving the elements of the layout that were fixed when the template was created.